100 Emerging Cultural Trends to Watch in 2016

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In order to maintain a competitive edge in the market, companies must remain “hip” and “cool” with their target audience. Jami Oetting on HubSpot Blogs reminds us of the importance of keeping up with the trends of our ever-changing society. They give us a glance into trends to consider for 2016.

Things are moving quickly — so fast that a trend is over before you’ve even had a chance to catch up. (Did you miss your chance to use “bae” in your marketing? Don’t worry. That’s probably OK.)

And the rate of change is quickening as technology provides a platform for trends to spring up in one country and move quickly beyond its own borders, becoming a global movement.

Sparks & Honey has collected and organized the current emerging trends in its recently released annual culture glossary.

The report outlines 100 trends marketers and agencies should pay attention to in the next year, categorizing each trend under a different category: athletics, media, tech/science, ideology, and humanity. Check out the full SlideShare below to learn more about trends in senior mobility, biased algorithms, and mood marketing:

A-Z Culture Glossary 2016

Our top trends from their list:

Boomer Design

Coloring Books for Adults

The 1950s

Darty (day party)


Female Gamers

FOLO (Fear-of-Living-Offline)

Geek Parenting

Rental Moms

Tailored Sweatsuits


Genderless Dressing

Gluten-Free Art

Goosebumps Revival


Materials – 3D Printing

Mood Marketing

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