Founded in 2012 in Venice Beach, California, Brand Aid, is a company designed to turn marketing ideas into fun, tangible experiences through promotional products. We are dedicated to serving clients and assisting in unique, innovative marketing campaigns.

Our goal is to serve you, our clients. We ensure your brand and message connect with the target audience in the best and most effective way possible. We pride ourselves in our superior customer service, and unparalleled creative marketing ideas.


Meet our team. We are young and fun… but we get the job done! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and ensure that your experience with Brand Aid is second to none.

We’d love to assist your next project, event or campaign. We will work with you from idea conception to product selection to delivery, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your promotional items and service.

Have ideas you'd like to make happen? We'd love to help. Shoot us a message at happy@brandaiding.com.



Renya's obsession for branding and logo started in childhood. After leaving her career in marketing and entertainment, working for brands across the globe, Renya branched off to form Brand+Aid from her office in Venice Beach, CA in 2012. Renya's discerning eye for design and tireless work ethic have made her the perfect storm in the branded merchandise world. Her attention to detail and emphasis on customer satisfaction are the backbone of Brand+Aid. These qualities have helped Brand+Aid to catch attention of some of the biggest companies in the world. Renya spends her leisure time traveling the globe to experience new cultures and old architecture, hunting down fashion treasures at consignment stores, playing soccer on an all-men's league, attending trade shows to follow trends, supporting her community, and attending as many parties as she can.

FAVORITE TRADE SHOWS: Magic, Capsule, Art Basel, Sundance, and the Licensing Expo
FAVORITE BRANDS: Barney's, All Saints, Nike, 19 Crimes Wine, Delta, and so many more!
FAVORITE MERCH ITEMS: Drinkware, T-Shirts, Speakers, Fanny Packs, and anything CUSTOM!


Dane's official title is Chief Happiness Officer. He's a modern-day Ghandi...but way more hip. Dane's career in the service industry has led him to be one of the top service providers in the promotional products industry. Dane has an unstoppable dedication to making Brand+Aid's clients happy. Dane spends his leisure time catching up on every podcast imaginable, studying sports stats, crushing his friends at pool, and giving back to his community.

FAVORITE TRADE SHOWS: CES, Agenda, PodCon, WSWA Convention
FAVORITE BRANDS: Adidas, Nordstrom, Doc Martens
FAVORITE MERCH ITEMS: Concert Tee, Chapstick, Sticky Wallet


Collin is a dynamic force of product genius! Collin is relationship builder with a contagious level of energy. He's a curious problem solver interested in leading unique projects from conception to implementation. Collin keeps a strong focus on the positive and sees life as a journey full of interesting experiences, including the failures that help us improve ourselves. Collin spends his leisure time on his two passions - cycling and music.

FAVORITE BRANDS: Apple, Nike, {Your Brand}
FAVORITE MERCH ITEMS: Backpacks & Custom Packaging


You can catch this petite fashionista choreographing a contemporary piece, trying to teach herself how to code and spending time with her husband.

FAVORITE SHOWS: Unique LA, Sundance, Farmer's Market
FAVORITE BRANDS: Trader Joes, Nordstrom, Everlane
FAVORITE MERCH ITEMS: Candles, Custom USB Ports, Tote Bags


KJ loves design, great logos, and subtle details. Growing up in a house surrounded by artists and musicians rubbed off on this Graphic Designer. But how could it not when your Godfather is Joe Walsh and your Dad wrote songs for DEVO. Loves slapping your logo on amazing eye catching products that your clients will love. Need a logo, web blast, and/or advertisement design? This is your guy.

FAVORITE SHOWS: Outdoor Retailers, Comicon, Agenda
FAVORITE BRANDS: ilthy, Homage, Field Notes
FAVORITE MERCH ITEMS: T-Shirts, Bags, Things People Want

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