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Happy Tuesday everyone!

Check out this AWESOME feature on Brand+Aid and our very own Founder/CEO/#Bosslady Renya Nelson in Beehive Startups today! We’re so proud of Ren and the entire Brand+Aid team. Eeek! 🙂

A few of our favorite points from the article include:

  • Brands Have to Value Themselves:“We like working with brands who value their brand as much as we value ours,” says Renya Nelson, founder of Brand+Aid. “We’re pairing their brand with the best possible products. We take a really serious approach.”
  • Quality is KING: “I can tell a cheap swag item from a good one any day; it’s a value thing. If you’re going to put your logo on this, make sure it’s a quality product.”
  • Utah is the Place to Bee (‘Bee’… get it?!) “My business actually grew exponentially after I moved to Utah,” Nelson says. She explains that because the company is in Utah she was able to rent space, something she could not have done in LA. She also praises the Utah startup environment and culture stating, “The culture is full of people with values and we have really hip, young companies surrounding us. [Utah] is on the map for really good things.”

Ready to read the entire article? Check out this link via Beehive Startups. And, while you’re there, feel free to stay a while and check out all the really cool things Beehive Startups does for companies in Utah. We’re building the next silicone valley here in Salt Lake City, and the energy’s buzzin!

Ready to create your own branded merchandise? Contact the Brand+Aid team for a free virtual mockup with your company’s name on it:, (323) 800-2241. 

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