Brand+Aid’s Picks: Trade Show Totes

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Check out our favorite tote bags to help your brand score thousands of brand impressions!

Looking to get your brand and business into the popular and growing (to the tune of 19-billion-dollar industry according to industry stats) promo industry? One of the best promo products to start with is the tote bag. The tote is a tried-and-true promo product, that works. In fact, a tote bag averages 5,938 brand impressions throughout the course of its lifetime. If you’re looking for smart and cost-effective ways to utilize advertising dollars, promo products – and especially tote bags – are the way to go!

Our goal at Brand+Aid is to help you create the perfect, beautifully-branded, promo products. We’ve scoured our selection of totes to bring you our very favorite top totes – which is no easy task, might we add, there’s thousands and thousands of options available.

From cheaper options to the highest quality on the market, there’s always a good-better-best option, which makes finding the perfect tote for your brand our mission. Now, that you’re convinced on the effectiveness of tote bags, check out Brand+Aid’s favorite picks below!


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