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Capturing the Millennial Market – A How To

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Millennials are a confusing bunch…and that’s coming from a group of Millennials! Their affinity for technology, disregard for conventional purchasing habits, and lack of brand loyalty have created a series of obstacles for many of today’s companies. Even still, their sheer population number and unparalleled purchasing power have proven they are a riddle worth solving. And while they are indeed a dynamic bunch with some unpredictable behaviors, studies have identified a series of consumer trends […]

Qualty v. Quantity Promo_Brand Aid

Quality or Quantity? Which is the Best Choice in Promo Products?

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    At this point, the fight between quality v. quantity is an age-old battle. But these days, most people (including us) seem to generally agree; quality is the way to go. This post was originally supposed to compare quality v. quantity in promo products but after all the research done and everything we already know and believe, it’s hard to make a strong case to go for quantity. The main selling point with quantity […]


Interview Employees: Meet the Team

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The average American spends 8.9 hours at work. Whew! That’s more than a third of your day! So if you’re going to invest so much of your life working towards something, we strongly believe you had better enjoy the people with whom you work. As a growing business, we’re excited to announce that we have extended the Brand Aid team! We take pride in creating a light hearted, supportive office culture while ALWAYS sharing the […]


#Instabrand – An Analysis of Instagram

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From the Brand+Aid Intern’s Desk: #Instabrand – An Analysis of Instagram By now, any regular social media user has at least heard of Instagram, the immensely popular photo sharing app. Instagram allows its 300 million active users to capture (or import) and edit photos and videos to post on their profiles. On top of that, it allows users to share their posts across a wide variety of other social media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter to […]


A Brand+Aid Guide to Lead Nurturing

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Hey there, Brand+Aid blog readers! Today, we’re featuring one of our Brand+Aid team members, Andre. He’s discussing one of his biggest challenges – building relationships with potential clients. In other words, Lead Nurturing. As part of our Brand+Aid blog series, we’re giving each of our team members an opportunity to serve YOU, our clients and readers. We let them pick their topic and share advice, tips, and ideas to help you grow your brand. Read on […]



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Today, we’re launching a new element to the Brand+Aid blog; the Brand+Aid Point of View, or POV for short. Think of it like a Brand+Aid team member takeover. Each month, we’re letting a different member of the Brand+Aid team share their life hacks, philosophies, general thoughts, and interests. We hope this allows you to get to know our Brand+Aid team in a closer and more personal way. This week we’re featuring Katie our Marketing Specialist […]

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