How to Pick the Right Promo Products

We love going to events where free swag is given out. Free stuff is the best. However, when we get home is when tough decisions need to be made: what will stay and what will go? Cheap compass with a little flashlight? Hmm, could be useful but will most likely break soon; Toss. Next, a reusable canvas shopping bag? That’ll come in handy for shopping trips; Keep. There is an effective way to use promotional products and there’s a non effective way to do it. The use of promotional products, just like every other area of marketing, requires planning and strategic thinking to get the best results. Here are five killer tips to help you pick the best promo products for your brands and goals.


Know your Company

First and foremost, who are you and what do you represent? The best promo products to use are ones that are relevant with who and what your company is. What products or services does your company offer? What is the mood and culture of your company? Is your company focused on style and design? Do you offer products that are simple and easy to use? Using promotional products is not just about getting as many people to see your logo as possible, it’s also about portraying who you are as a company.

As an example, think of CarMax and Mercedes. Both of these companies work with cars but they each portray different characteristics. When you think of CarMax the words “customer focused” and “trustworthy” may come to mind. On the other hand Mercedes gives the feeling of luxury and performance. Would you expect them both to be giving out small plastic ice scrapers? Maybe CarMax would, but that product would seem out of character with what Mercedes represents.

Both products are associated with cars but Mercedes would be more likely to give out something that looks more luxurious, like this car key USB they did.


What’s your Budget?

We all wish we didn’t have to worry about money and budgets but that’s just the way things are. If you have a smaller budget of say, $500, it’d be a better idea to stick with cheaper yet still popular products like cotton t-shirts instead of thick fleece hoodies. Determine what you’re able to spend so you can pick the products that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Pro tip: Brand Aid works with making quality products that will be kept for a long time. Don’t waste money and produce something that will be thrown away the next day!


Define your Goals

There are so many options when picking promotional products that you could be running in circles all day. Start narrowing those choices down by defining what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Are you wanting to give out as many products as possible or a smaller amount of unique, quality products?
    • Pens vs. headphones.
  • Do you want the product to be seen and used often by one person or do you want the product to be taken around town and seen by others?
    • Chapstick vs. reusable shopping bag.
  • Are you giving out products to reach a new audience or to reconnect with current customers?
    • Water bottle vs. custom chocolate.


Who is it for?

Are you doing a giveaway for employees? Employee gifts should be similar to giving something to family or good friends. Make them feel loved with hoodies, blankets, hats, and other lifestyle products.

High-end clients? Well… it’s less likely they’d want your branded clothing especially if they’re high on the company ladder. Instead, choose something that coincides with your brand. We once spent time brainstorming executive gift ideas for a client that works in the space technology industry. At the end of the brainstorming session we came up with the unique ideas of launch pad-shaped dart boards and a clock that also counts down to the next rocket launch.

Low-end clients? Pick something that is again related to your brand but perhaps not as expensive. Potential customers? Engage them with mugs and totes or anything universally useful. Overall, be creative and take into consideration who you are giving the product to and what they would like, find interesting, or find useful.


Be Unique

We can’t tell you how many branded pens we’ve gotten where we can’t, for the life of us, remember what the company does. But pens are useful! So we keep them all. However, one of the companies remembered is the one that gave out a pen with a cool squishy grip. They’re so cool, and oh so squishy. If you are looking to do more than get your logo seen, it’s a good idea to pick a product that will also get noticed. Going to a tech event? Think outside the box and don’t be one of 20 giving away USB drives. Memorable products make it more likely that your company will be remembered too.



Picking the right promo product may seem like a lot of work but with good brainstorming and planning you’ll be sure to be giving out the products that create the best impressions.


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