Top Gifts for Her 2019

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  1. Wooden Diffuser Set: Wooden Diffuser Set Includes a 15 mL Essential Oil Dropper Bottle, Wooden Ball Reed Diffuser in a 2″ x 3″ linen bag . Inquire about scent options: Prices starting at 50 for $15.00, 100 for $14.00, 250 for $13.00, 500 for $13.50.
  2. Candle w/ Frosted tumbler and Lux box: Statement luxury custom candle gift. This 14 oz. frosted tumbler is decorated with your logo, then hand-poured with scented soy-blend wax. Each candle contains an eco-friendly wooden wick, which makes a gentle crackling noise as it burns, and a beautiful muted glow. Prices starting at 100 for $27.00, 250 for $26.00, 500 for $25.00, 1000 for $24.00.
  3. Fingerless Workout Gloves: Great for workouts, weight lifting, cycling,  and other sports. Popular for gym membership gifts, races, events, wellness programs. For custom colors please inquire. Prices starting at 72 for $15.00, 144 for $14.00, 288 for $13.50.
  4. Metallic Finish Round Lip Balm: Try these metallic lip balms to add some shine to your next giveaway. With a sleek round shape and shiny metallic finish, these lip balms are sure to be a hit year-round. Yummy vanilla scent included. Prices starting at 150 for $1.75, 250 for $1.65, 500 for $1.55, 1000 for $1.50
  5. Matchbook Nail File: These Matchbook Nail Files are a must when on the go. Its convenient, matchbook size makes it an easy item to take with you, wherever you go. Great for spas, general hygiene, hair/nail salons and so much more. Contains six mini nail files that are perfect for filing and shaping your nails no matter where you are. Prices starting at 150 for $1.50, 250 for $1.25, 500 for $1.10, 1000 for $1.00
  6. Pepper Spray Pen: Disguised as a pen, this pepper spray is sleek and fits comfortably in a small purse or bag. Protect yourself out there! Prices starting at 25 for $13.00, 50 for $12.00, 100 for $11.00, 250 for $10.00.
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