Project Overview: Muzik Custom Bags

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Hello there, Brand+Aid peeps!

Today, we’re excited to share a recent project we did for one of our clients, Muzik. Founded in 2012, Muzik is an audio technology company focusing on hi-tech and hi-definition products. They are most well-known for their headphone line that connects wirelessly via bluetooth to users iPhone devices.  While Muzik has received funding from several high profile investors (to the tune of a cool $18 million), it was Twitter’s investment in the company that sparked biz around the tech community in early 2016. In fact, Muzik is the first company Twitter invested in. Pretty big stuff, right?

In partnering with Muzik to create branded merchandise for this emerging tech company, we knew we wanted to create really cool, branded items. Afterall,  Muzik creates some of the world’s best headphones, so their promotional items should reflect that level of clout and brand association; and, it just so happens, that’s exactly what we love doing! We don’t just ceate branded merchandise and slap a logo on it, we don’t roll like that. Our team works together with clients to strategize the most effective way to represent the company’s brand. Have a high-quality brand you care about immensely about? Then your company merchandise needs to match that caliber of quality!

Check out our Muzik project recap below!

Project: Create custom branded swag bags for Muzik to build brand awareness at international events.

Solution: Custom shaped, black on matte-black, high-end merchandise bags.

Result: A merchandise bag customers LOVE! The picture to the right was taken at the 2016 Model Volleyball event held in Miami.

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Happy branding!

Love, Brand+Aid

Ready to create your own branded merchandise? Contact the Brand+Aid team for a free virtual mockup with your company’s name on it:, (323) 800-2241. 

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