Work From Home, Employee Swag Boxes, Holiday Gift Ideas & More

As we’ve settled into the new ‘norm’ of being a work-from-home employee (whether it’s your couch, bed, home office, or dining table ;)), we’re finding new ways to keep ourselves, our clients, and our staff safe and engaged. The Coronavirus pandemic left us all scrambling to make sense of the new workweek from home, and as 2020 moves forward, the struggle is still very real. Some of us work from our home alone, and others are trying to keep children engaged for at least 30 minutes while we join a conference call. It is safe to say that Covid-19 has thrown the work world into a tizzy.
As many have adjusted to working from home brought on by the pandemic, companies are looking for new ways to engage, rejuvenate, and thank their employees who are working from their home office. Sending out branded kits to employees and clients alike generates an incredible response and provides teams with a sense of camaraderie while they’re still unable to see each other face to face. Gifts adorned with your company logo can make employees feel cared about and that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have recently curated some work-from-home kits that have been incredibly successful for our clients. Click HERE to check out our full list of KITS.

Kit themes include:

Stay Clean & Healthy On-the-Go with PPE Kits

Clean & Healthy

As we venture out into grocery stores, parks, airports, and more – we need to stay protected from germs. It’s not a new concept to keep clean during a pandemic, but sending a reminder to your staff to stay healthy scores you extra bonus points.

Netflix & Chill Kits

A favorite quarantine pastime is binging TV & movies. Sending some extra coziness to aide in that binging is what everybody needs (and wants) right now. Extra tip, include a list of favorite films and shows your staff can watch after work hours! Ideas can be found here.

Respect Your Mother (Earth) Kits

Respect Your Mother (Nature)

When you can’t go outside, bring the outdoors in. House plants not only brighten up your home, but they lift your mood, add oxygen, and enhance your mood.  Employees who work with plants next to them tend to feel better about their jobs and worry less. Stay green with eco-friendly gifts your employees with love. More here.

Get Outdoorsy Kits

Get Outdoorsy

Let’s face it…we’re GLUED to our computers (for what feels like forever). We suggest you nudge your staff to go soak up the great outdoors! As many people have flocked to the open road during the pandemic, we’ve put together ideas that will make their next adventure a breeze. Going outside is a remedy for better health, relieves anxiety, and helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you are able to leave your home, inspire your staff to explore the outdoors. Provide your clients or employees with the essentials for their next great adventure. Who doesn’t love a great picnic blanket?

Bake Something Kits

Bake Something

The key to anyone’s heart is desert, right? From cookie baking kits to top-rated kitchen items, spend the night in with some delicious treats and supplies to make more! Branded baking kits are a slam dunk (into milk, of course). More bake kits can be found here.

Cocktail Time

Cocktail Time

One thing that hasn’t changed during quarantine life? Happy hour. It may look a little different at home though. That’s why a cocktail making kit is a perfect gift for those who want to toast to a year of surviving COVID. More cocktail kits and boozy accessories can be found here.

BYO Kits – Chairs, Games, & More for Get-Togethers

BYOB Get Together

Bringin your own anything is the new norm when it comes to get-togethers. Whether it’s a lawn chair, picnic blanket, cooler or tailgating kit, spread your brand where your emploees or clients will see it. These products create an incredible amount of word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. It’s time to whip out the games and game boards to entertain your socially distanced gathering. More here.

Cozy Hygge Kits -It’s Already Autumn?

Cozy Up Products for Autumn
Wait, WHAT? How is it already the Fall season? If you and your employees feel unprepared for the cooler weather, send them a kit with Fall essentials. A warm hoodie, socks, and a mug do the trick.

Brain Break Kits

Take A Break Kit

We think we’re all feeling a little overwhelmed. It is important we take time for ourselves while we’re quarantines at home. Daily exercise, stretching, candles, blankets, and meditation is just what the doctor ordered.

In the (Work) Zone

Get In the Zone

Working from home can sometimes mean countless distractions. Sometimes, we need to just need power through. Our WFH kits include headphones to block out distractions, water bottles to stay hydrated and focused, and blue blocker glasses to alleviate those stubborn screen headaches. We’ve got you!
Making sure your employees feel valued is more important than ever during these uncertain times. Gift-giving establishes certain morale and pride for the workplace, oftentimes boosting productivity, and employee morale. We are here to help you and your team! Contact us today at or call us at 323-800-2241.
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