5 Brands Successfully Using Virtual Reality in Marketing

Dubbed the ‘Coolest Tech Gift for Christmas 2016’ by the Huffington Post, virtual reality goggles are transporting consumers to new virtual worlds and creating unprecedented opportunities for applications in promotional marketing and branding. While the promotional products marketplace has offered advertisers the use of virtual reality-type technology since early last year, the technology is set to takeoff with marketers in 2017. Largely because consumers no longer wonder what virtual reality goggles are, instead they wonder what exciting new experience awaits them when they put on VR goggles. Smart marketers are taking note.

Top Companies Using VR Goggles to Engage Consumers in 2017

At Brand Aid our goal is to provide you with the coolest new promo items to amp up your consumer experiences and elevate your brand. Virtual reality is a rad new tool you should know about. The fusion of augmented reality and promotional event marketing is truly limitless. In fact, several of the world’s top companies are embracing the technology as an exciting new tool to engage with consumers (and you should too!) Companies like RedBull, Tom’s, and HBO are using the new tool to revolutionize promotional marketing events. Check out how top companies are incorporating the technology and how your brand can too.

Experience Tom’s ‘Giving Trips’ via Virtual Reality
When Tom’s started in 2006 the company revolutionized social entrepreneurship with its ‘One for One’ business model. For every pair of shoes purchased, the company donated a pair of shoes to needy people around the world. Today, the company has expanded into offering more than just its staple Peruvian shoe design. Tom’s product lines now include an entire shoe collection, eyewear, handbags, and apparel.

Throughout the year the Tom’s employees operate ‘Giving Trips’ to donate product to needy communities around the world. The company incorporated a virtual reality experience in its flagship store in Venice California that allows customers to experience the company’s Giving Trips via VR goggles. When consumers put the goggles on they’re transported to a rural village in Peru and watch as donated shoes help the lives of local villagers. By incorporating VR, Tom’s is able to visually share their mission and forge a deep brand loyalty with consumers.

Watch a clip from Tom’s Giving Trips here.

The New York Times Innovates with VR
The world-famous newspaper company is an early adapter of virtual reality, and is using the technology in news stories to bring the print industry into the 21st century. Last year the company sent out 1 million copies of promotional virtual reality goggles (similar to the ones we suggest below!) to subscribers. The newspaper produced several virtual reality videos to bring news stories to life; one took subscribers to Pluto to explore the planet, another took viewers to the top of New York City’s One World Trade Center. Through VR, the New York Times is able to create unique consumer experiences and cement its staying power as the world’s leading news source.

Watch a clip from the NYT’s Virtual Reality news stories here.

HBO’s Game of Thrones Makes History
For the launch of HBO’s 2016 season of Game of Thrones, the company partnered with Oculus to incorporate a virtual reality video to its Facebook platform. The network offered fans a 360-degree view into the world of Westeros and the Battle for the Iron Throne. According to Facebook, the video has become the most-viewed 360 virtual reality video ever with over 5.3 million total views in the first 24 hours since launch. HBO frequently uses virtual reality in several of its GOT events, in fact in 2014 the company used VR promo goggles to transport fans to the top of the Wall at Castle Black. As exhibit viewers put on their VR goggles, they entered an elevator blasting with cool air and rumbling sound effects and jolted 700 feet to the top of the iconic GOT landmark. HBO’s smart marketing (and incredible show content) have made the show one of the most popular shows in the network’s history.




 RedBull: It Gives You Wings (Literally!)
RedBull makes its marketing and branding strategy a top priority. They smash the branding game; which is why their company is a globally-known. They’re one of the companies we admire most and we’re lucky enough to include them on our client list! Their slogan ‘It Gives You Wings’ fits right in with the world of virtual reality. For various events, like the RedBull Air Race series in Europe, the brand offers fans an out-of-this-world VR experience as they find themselves in the plane with RedBull Air Race professional pilots zipping, turning, and slaloming in the air. RedBull’s innovative consumer-based approach to virtual reality has attracted hundreds of thousands of exhibitors; building the brand’s image, customer-loyalty, and brand awareness.


Mercedes Benz
The last company on our list of mega-brands embracing virtual reality is powerhouse Mercedes Benz. The US branch of the German automaker regularly focuses marketing event efforts on VR-related exhibitions. For the launch of the 2016 SmartForTwo Cabrio (one of those top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz RV-type vehicles) the company launched a VR 360 experience where customers could “test drive” the vehicle down the streets of Miami, complete with dancing street goers and an interactive treasure hunt. The company also launched several VR videos partnering with top social media influencers like @Loki_The_Wolfdog, a popular Malamute/Arctic Wolf mix that has over 1 million followers. The VR experience with Loki takes customers to the snowy mountains of Colorado to traverse in the Mercedes Benz GLS Sport. Check out the video for yourself here.

And, yes, that means Loki the dog officially owned a Mercedes Benz before you did – we are crying in self pity right along with you. 😉

Brand+Aid’s Promotional VR Goggle Suggestions:

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