5 Reasons You Should Be Thinking of Christmas in July for Custom Corporate Gifts

Who is thinking about Christmas in July? Well, maybe you should be. It’s difficult to believe it’s already July, and even more difficult to believe that December is now less than 6 months away. 

The end of the year is quickly approaching  and so is the holiday season. The preparation is what distinguishes basic gifts from extraordinary ones. Starting the planning process now will help to avoid problems and stress as the holiday season approaches. Many businesses begin planning for holiday corporate gifts during the summertime. Christmas in July strategy sessions are frequently held by corporate teams to discuss gifting ideas for the upcoming holiday season. By September and October, factories will be unable to add custom items to their queue for delivery in time for the holidays; especially given the unpredictability of shipping and logistics. The huge disruption in global supply chains, along with local shipping difficulties, has underlined the need of working with experienced suppliers like Brand+Aid if you are wanting to add a personalized touch to your gifts this year. We’ve listed our top five reasons why you should have these conversations now, rather than the week before Christmas.

  • Customization

    Promotional merchandise is an excellent tool for increasing your company morale. You can make your team stand out from the crowd if you do it correctly. Don't settle for the same old tedious products that everyone else has. A coffee mug with a logo on it will have little impact. After all, who needs another of those? If you go for something out of the ordinary, you can generate a lot of buzz for your company. Think outside the box to create something that your customers require. Creating a one-of-a-kind gift, on the other hand, necessitates time and planning. Plan ahead of time to avoid future roadblocks. Let's get started! Contact Brand+Aid today!

  • Supply Chain Issues

    Many products have been in short supply since the pandemic, and promotional items are no exception. However, when time is taken into account, this may be avoidable. The worldwide supply chain is like a game of dominoes. If one of the pieces falls, the rest of the parts fall as well. This might result in price hikes, supply shortages, and shipping backlogs across the world. Beat the curve by planning your holiday gifting now.

  • Overseas Tariffs on Imports Delays

    Port congestion, caused in part by a shortage of employees on the ground as well as larger delays caused by Covid-19, has resulted in additional peak season fees being imposed on the shipping industry. When shipping items from abroad producers, it is critical to know the right tariff code. A tariff, often known as a duty, is a form of tax applied by governments on imported products. It is determined by the value and kind of commodity imported. When buying from another country, keep these customs costs in mind.

  • Shipping

    When faced with the task of delivering your custom-made gifts to employees, you must decided if you'd like to ship them yourself or hire a third party shipping service. Here at Brand+Aid, we offer a Warehousing and Fulfillment service with web-based solutions for your drop shipping needs From design through delivery, we keep things easy so that your items arrive on time and ahead of schedule. Whether you choose to have our help or not, shipping accounts for even more time management. Plan ahead to stay on track.

  • Logistical Issues

    Creating and delivering a customized gift comes with many logistical steps. Some of those steps can get tricky, leading to some issues down the line. Government & environmental issues, fuel costs, lack of delivery drivers, the economy, and lack of supplies can lead to disruptions in the process. By planning your gifting strategy now, these problems can likely be avoided with more time as a buffer. Reach out to us today and let's avoid these issues.

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