The Best in New Promo Tech for 2017

It’s here! Our list of the coolest new tech promos for 2017 is live!  Every year in early January the Brand+Aid team heads to Vegas to check out the coolest new promotional products. We scour the Mandalay Bay’s nearly 100,000 square feet of tradeshow exhibits in search of innovative new product ideas for our clients. One of the most inventive areas to check out is tech promo, and this year did not disappoint. When the tech world meets promotional products the results are pretty incredible; think products incorporating solar panels to self charge and innovative devices designed to sanitize your cell phone (they’re dirrrrrtyyyy), all designed to be used as promotional premiums. Pretty cool, right?

Check out our top 10 list of the best in new promo tech for 2017!

10. High-Quality Branded Wireless Earbuds
This year promotional earbuds reach a new level by incorporating wireless bluetooth technology. These redesigned earbuds feature options for custom branded packaging to prominently display your logo. Additional product features includes a dual-function charging base and power bank, built-in microphone, charging cord, and three interchangeable ear tip sizes.
Perfect for: Employee recognition, HR programs, client appreciation, event openings, company merchandise stores, giveaway contests, market launches.



9. Portable Square Charging Power Bank

Charging power banks are more popular than ever as people continually seek innovative ways to stay connected. If you’re considering a premium product that will be kept and used over and over again by consumers, the power bank is it! In 2017 we’re seeing new shapes and options for portable power banks. This year power banks come in a new sleek thin, square shape to easily carry on the go. Product features include Apple certified compatibility, built-in micro USB, self-wrapping cord, and custom branded packaging availability.
Perfect for: Trade shows and event giveaways, market promotions, company merchandise stores, sponsorship giveaways, new employee welcome kits.



8. Sanitize your Smart Phone

A Business Insider study found phones are likely to have more bacteria on them than public restrooms. Nasty, right? One of our favorite new product lines for 2017 is promotional smart phone sanitizers. These portable machines kill surface area bacteria and germs found on your phone. Branding space is available in multiple color options on the front of the sanitizer. Product features include charging cord, UVC lamps, and built-in micro USB features.
Perfect for: Health and promotional fairs, marketing initiatives, unique and innovative premium ideas, B2B client gifts, trade show exhibits, large scale promotional.



7. Portable Light & Phone Stand

Say hello to cutting-edge lighting premiums! In 2017, new product options like the portable light and phone stand are creating entirely new product options. This branded item comes in three pieces and easily assembles into a self-standing portable light. The device works great as a travelling desk lamp or emergency flashlight item. Branded areas feature full color printing options and a large imprintable area. Features include: brushed stainless finish, easily foldable design for pack and storage, built-in warm or cool white color options, charging cord and doubles as a phone stand.
Perfect for:  B2B client premiums, health safety and emergency events, trade show and event premiums, unique and innovative premium ideas, event launches, giveaway contests, market launches.



6. Bluetooth Speakers Come in New Cool Shapes

Gone are the days of standard square-shaped speakers, today’s premium speakers are created specifically to showcase company branding and emit high-quality sound. We love these bluetooth speakers for companies with multiple colors in their logos. Product features include 3D stereo sound, 33-ft. Wireless range, up to 8-hour charge for audio playing time, and option for custom retail packaging.
Perfect for: Employee recognition, HR programs, client appreciation, event openings, company merchandise stores, giveaway contests, market launches.



5. FUJIFILM Instax Mini Instant Camera
FUJI’s mark in the promotional marketing world is truly epic. Along with a series of extremely cool cameras designed for branding, the company released the FUJIFILM Instax Mini Instant Camera. This premium allows for full color branding on the film packaging. It’s a great premium item for events with Millennials and younger audiences who will love snapping shots and checking out the instant print pictures.
Perfect for: Millennial marketing events, blogger-centric, social media focused events, company merchandise, HR programs, new client hires, grand openings.



4. Branded Video Story Brochure

This year brochures reach an entirely new level with one of our favorite new tech products: the branded video brochure. This innovative product features a built-in 7-inch HD LCD screen in a sleek, branded brochure-style format and allows companies to showcase up to 1GB of video. Additional features include pocket sleeves for business cards and other marketing material, auto-play functionality, options to add multiple videos, and built-in control buttons. This product is a major wow-factor option for companies to use during presentations and pitches. Branded space includes four-color process on the front of the brochure.
Perfect for: Presentations, new customer engagement, client pitches and product launches, engaging and innovative invitations, public relations campaigns, direct marketing mailers, advertising and promotional campaigns.




3. Pocket Virtual Reality (VR) Glasses
Virtual Reality is huge for 2017. The revolutionary technology enables companies to bring consumers into custom digital universes, creating a full-sensory marketing experience. One of our favorite VR pieces are these cardboard VR glasses. They’re perfect for large scale marketing campaigns when you want to integrate large audiences into an experience. Product features include custom branded packaging, 25mm biconvex lenses, and compatibility across all smartphones including both Android and iOS. For more information on how VR is changing the way brands market, check out our recent article on the coolest new VR campaigns.
Perfect for: Mass distribution and large scale marketing events, cost-conscious premium ideas, trade shows and event exhibitions, market launches, video and immersive experiences.



2. Solar Panel Phone Charger

Considering a statement piece to attract consumers and increase sales? In 2017 we’re seeing new tech promotional products that utilize solar and renewable energy like this uber cool Solar Panel Phone Charger. We picked this as a top tech piece as it uses sun rays to charge your smartphone and tablet. Pretty epic, right? And, if that doesn’t convince you, the crowds this promotional premium will draw are sure to!
Perfect for: Tradeshow and event exhibits, unique and innovative premium ideas, event launches, giveaway contests, market launches, company merchandise kits, eco-friendly premium ideas.



1. Remote Control Power Outlets

Our dreams of never leaving our bed are soon to be a reality! One of the coolest new tech promo items for the coming year is undoubtedly the remote control power outlet. This unique power outlet syncs to your phone and allows you to turn it on and off from anywhere in the house or office. The premium also allows users to schedule power on and off in advance to help manage energy and regulate power. Branding options allow for full-color process in a 2.5” x 2.2” surface area.

Perfect for: Trade show and event exhibits, marketing initiatives, unique and innovative premium ideas, B2B client gifts, large scale promotional.




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