Brand+Aid’s T-Shirt Guide

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The world of T-shirts can be very complicated and overwhelming. Don’t worry we know, and we are here to help you navigate to the perfect T-shirt for your brand. We have compiled a guide to the different types of T-Shirts available, what they are made of, and what the best use for them would be. 

First in the hierarchy is the:

Carded open-end which is a cheaper way of turning cotton into yarn. In this method, fibers are bound by a wrapped fiber that runs perpendicular to the bundle. Up close you can see that carded open end fiber is bulky, fuzzy and creates an uneven knit. This type of shirt is slowly phasing out of the promo tee market. You know this shirt, of course because you have most likely received one at a sporting event or it was given to you at a league you joined. You most likely cut it up and used it as a car rag a few weeks after receiving it. Carded Open End T-Shirts don’t exist in retail.


  • Cheap.


  • Do not last long.

For this type of shirt we only have one pick, which means it’s

The best of the worst.

Second up, is the:

Combed ring spun cotton which is smoother and longer than open end yarn. The term “ring spun” means that the yarn goes through an innovative spinning process that’s designed to thoroughly soften and straighten each fiber. The result? Softer, more refined fibers (aka pieces you want to wear).


  • Soft.
  • Vibrant colors.

This shirt does not have any true cons. It is still not a shirt you would find in top retail stores however, it is still an overall great shirt.

The good of the combed ring spun cotton,

The better,

The best,


CVC stands for Chief Value Cotton, and refers to a cotton and polyester blend. These blends were initially made to lower import and export duties, but it’s their quality and price that made them a fast favorite in the industry. To put it simply: the dimension and soft hand of CVC tees are comparable to the pricier triblend counterparts. 


  • Similar to a triblend shirt at a lower price.
  • Best value for a top tier T-shirt.

CVC is the second to top tier in the hierarchy of t-shirts. We are now in the world of blends, this tee comes with a blend of cotton and polyester. This creates a lighter softer feel, and creates a great surface to print on. As well as an overall great fitting T-Shirt.

The better CVC,

The best CVC,

And, last up:

Triblend is a blend of three types of yarn (50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon). The triblend can be on the pricier side but with the price you get quality similar to retail shirts.


  • Soft, great fit.
  • Best quality.


  • High Price for high quality.

At the top of the T-Shirt hierarchy is the Triblend. This tee is at the top because it brings all the great qualities of each of the three fabrics used. The comfort of cotton, the durability of polyester, and the luxurious drape of rayon. The shirt is for the people who really want their brand to be represented by a great T-Shirt, one that people will actually wear and keep. 

The better of the Triblend’s,

The best of the Triblend’s,

Next, we have some shirts that do not really fit into these top categories, they are more fashion tees and just have some cool features we wanted to highlight.

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