Top 12 Promo Products to Bring to a Trade Show

February is trade show month… well, not technically, but it’s the month when a lot of trade shows are held. From Vegas to local home-town shows, February is jam packed with trade shows. In fact, one of our favorite events of the year – Magic Marketplace Spring Show 2015 – is happening this month!

While we love trade shows (they’re great for networking and meeting new connections) they can be exhausting. Anyone who’s trudged up and down the Mandela Bay’s convention halls knows how tiring they can be.

First time at a trade show? Have no fear, to help you survive tradeshow season, Brand+Aid’s put together a list of our Top 12 Promo Products to Bring to a Trade Show.


  1. Phone Wallet
    Looking for an easy way to carry everything you need with you? Try the phone wallet! It sticks to the back of your phone and has a pocket that’s perfect for carrying id’s and credit cards.
  1. Totebag
    This may be the most important thing you bring with you to a trade show – a totebag! You’ll need a tote bag to carry all the pamphlets, brochures, business cards, and sample you’re receiving at the show.
  1. Field Notes by Mole Skine
    Tradeshows can be overwhelming, make sure you have a Moleskine Field Notes notebook with you to take notes and write down contacts and product info.
  1. Collapsable Water Bottle
    To make it through the show, you’ll need to keep yourself hydrated! A collapsable water bottle is easy to throw in your tote and doesn’t take up much room.
  1. Powerbank
    In the age of technology, your phone is your connection to the world. Carry this powerbank with you in case your phone dies.
  1. Pen
    Another trade show must is the pen. They’re always useful..
  1. Hand Sanitizer
    Think how many people’s hands you’re going to be shaking at the show. Hand sanitizer is a must. Banish the germs!
  1. Lanyard
    The staple of any trade show is the lanyard! Have your id and credentials accessible at all times!
  1. Mints
    Breathe mints are a must for long days. You don’t want to have stale or smelly breath when you’re connecting and meeting with new clients.
  1. USB
    Like the power bank, you never know if you’ll need an extra usb outlet to bring with you. Whether you need to charge a phone, camera, ipad, or laptop, this will definitely come in hand!
  1. Lip Balm
    Long days mean you’re dehydrated and exhausted, and this can take a toll on your lips. Bring a lip balm with you to revitalize and rejuvenate your lips!
  1. Candle To-Go
    This may seem like an odd thing to bring to a trade show, but trust us you’ll thank us later. When the long days of the show are over and you’re back in your hotel, you’ll love lighting a candle and relaxing.   

Good luck surviving trade show season! Have ideas you’d like to make happen? We’d love to help! Contact us at


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