Branded Swag for the NBA Finals

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Last night the Golden State Warriors made history knocking out the Houston Rockets to advance to the NBA Finals. A feat the organization hasn’t done since 1975, exactly 40 years ago. The win sealed the match-up of every basketball lovers dream, the Warriors vs the Cavs, for the 2015 NBA title. And, no matter who you’re pulling for – the classic underdog story of the Warriors or the powerhouse that is Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers – we know one thing that’s sure to stand out in the Finals: branded promo items.

If you’ve ever attended an NBA Playoffs game, you know what we’re talking about. Ticket prices might be outrageous but you definitely get your money’s worth; from free t-shirts to rally rags to noise-makers, the contending organizations go all out to support their team and fans.

In honor of the NBA Finals, Steph Curry and his insanely cute daughter Riley (did you see her hijack the press conference last night?!), and the god that is Mr. L. James, we’re highlighting our fave branded basketball marketing experiences from past years and item’s we’re loving for this years NBA Finals.

Check it out!


2012: OKC Thunder Makes it Rain

The Oklahoma City Thunder knows how to celebrate a Playoffs win. In 2012, OKC made it rain streamers and confetti on fans after the Thunder beat the Heat to during a Playoff game. What would have made this promo even better? If the confetti and streamers were branded. Imagine thunderbolt confetti pieces instead – that’s a promo that will make an impression!



2013: Memphis Grizzlies Rally Rags & T-shirts

Memphis gave fans bright yellow rally rags and white t-shirts to celebrate the Grizzlies bid in the 2013 Playoffs. The shirts and rags created a sea of white and yellow color in the stadium. And, even though the Grizzlies didn’t make it to the Finals that year, it created an exciting atmosphere in the arena.


2013: Miami Heat Sunnies & Rhianna

When Rhianna rocks your promo item, you know you’re doing something right. The Miami heat made sublimated sunglasses to give to all their fans. And everyone, including Riri, rocked them at the game. Boom! Promo items doing their job, we love it!


2014: Los Angeles Clippers ‘Red Out”

The Clippers may have once been the laughing stock of the NBA, but alas, no more. The organization has made the Playoffs consistently in recent years and even managed to outpace their in-city rival the Los Angeles Lakers. To kick off their Playoff run, the Clippers gave every single fan in the arena a Clippers T-shirt to stake a “Red Out.”


2015: The Shawn Marion Foam Finger

This might be the best foam finger in the history of foam fingers. For the Finals this year, the Cavs are giving fans the Shawn Marion foam finger that matches the player’s actual hand, including his crooked pinky finger.


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