Build Brand Evangelists with Custom Promo Kits

Creating a loyal base of brand evangelists to promote your company is one of the best ways to build your brand. So, what exactly is a Brand Evangelist? According to Forbes, a brand evangelist is someone who is a true fan of your brand, someone who believes in your product or services so fervently that he or she aggressively promotes it. Smart brands build evangelists of their employees and their consumers. One of the best ways to build that deep relationship is through curated promotional marketing kits. In today’s post we feature five brands doing just that; empowering supporters through incredibly cool branded merch kits.

Case Study 1: Ogilvy & Mather
Famed advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather is well versed in techniques to build its brand. After all, the agency got its start in the 1800’s and is still thriving today with offices in major cities around the world. That’s #boss status right there. Using sleek, smartly-designed promo kits is one of the ways the company has continued to grow. The brand calls the box given to each new employee the ‘Induction Box’. In it, employees find founder David Ogilvy’s famous short book The Eternal Pursuit of Unhappiness which features the founder’s eight habits of highly creative communities. The box is designed to welcome employees and share the agency’s mission in a creative and impactful way.


Case study 2: Industrious HQ
When Industrious HQ launched its coworking space in downtown Los Angeles in mid-2016, the company sent custom welcome kits to neighboring businesses to introduce the new space. Kits included custom branded goodies like sparkling water, chocolate bars, stickers, and business cards. The messaging was carefully crafted to share the company’s mission and services. It worked! The introduction kit’s appealing design and packaging earned the company numerous tweets, mentions, and reposts via social media.


Case Study 3: HUGE
Let’s be real for a second, how freaking cool is HUGE? They’re an ad agency that we’ve been crushing on for years. The company’s innovative campaigns are so in tune with the pulse of marketing and advertising trends. It comes as no surprise that this super hip agency also creates incredibly branded merch bags for all of its employees. Along with its merch store, the company offers employees branded merchandise seasonally. The Los Angeles office kit includes a branded tote bag, notepads, pencils, business cards, and sticky notes — perfect to inspire employees to conquer the day!


Case study 4: FanDuel
FanDuel’s approach to swagging out its employees is making it a top admired company. In fact, the image below has been liked hundreds of thousands of times on LinkedIn and is often shared as an example of how companies ought to treat incoming employees. FanDuel gives each of its new hires high-quality jackets, pens, stress balls, and new Macbook computers. Doing so equips their employees with top-of-the-line equipment so employees can perform to the best of their abilities. No second-hand, out-dated equipment here. The message FanDuel is sending? Employees are valuable and have significant contributions to make to better the company — that level of respect turns FanDuel employees into brand evangelists.


Case study 5: DDB San Francisco
DDB is another advertising agency that understands the importance of welcoming new hires with custom welcome kits. The office welcomes each new hire with branded DDB gear like zip hoodies, backpacks, water bottles, and stationery. Agencies in particular seem to be killing the merch kit game. Perhaps because they’re filled with design-focused creative types that understand the importance of a welcoming community. Or, perhaps because agencies understand the idea of creating brand evangelists for their clients and thus for themselves as well.


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