The Cannabis Potential: Crafting Promo Products to Tap into the $6.9 Billion Industry

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According to a report by ArcView Research, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Last year sales totaled $6.9 billion and are expected to reach $35 billion, if legalized on the federal level, by year 2020. Those are some high sales (get it?) To put that in comparison, the NFL generates annual sales of $10 billion yearly. That means the cannabis industry is set to outpace the NFL in revenue in just a few short years. What does this mean for you? Brands have a huge opportunity to leverage the market and connect with consumers in a growing industry. In today’s post, we’re sharing examples of how brands are using promo products to connect with consumers and how you can too!

Chong’s Choice

Chong’s Choice is a client of ours and a brand leading the way in the cannabis industry. Tommy Chong, one half of the dynamic 70’s comedy duo Cheech and Chong, is the founder of Chong’s Choice. The company offers various strains of cannabis based on legal regulations for clients in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. To help promote their swag they’ve started a merch store and swag shop featuring awesome hats like the ones below.

Brand+Aid_Cannabis_Chong2   Brand+Aid_Cannabis_Chong1


Are you ready for this? You’d better sit down: Eaze is bringing cannabis to your doorstep a la an Uber-like service. Pretty sweet, right? The company prides itself on leading the way in the cannabis industry. They’re also growing their brand via social media with weekly weed gift basket giveaways. The branded giveaways are an example of a great way to use promotional products to reach consumers in the cannabis market.




Native Roots

One of the largest growers in Colorado is Native Roots. The company isn’t just selling pot, instead they’re turning their dispensary into a leading voice in the cannabis industry. Their focus on culture is huge. They’re creating a community of like-minded individuals celebrating all things cannabis. They also provide added value to consumers through educational pages, culture sections, and ‘budtender’ spotlights. Check out how they’re incorporating promo products to connect with their audience.




The Case for Promo

It’s also important to understand that because of regulation, promotional products are some of the only forms of advertising allowed for cannabis. Here’s the scoop: since its legalization in a few states in 2012, marijuana is now legal for medical or recreational purposes in 26 states. With just under five years since inception, regulations are still being written for the advertising and marketing of cannabis products. As the pioneers in the field, Colorado and Washington are largely creating the model for other states to use as precedent. For example, Colorado applies similar laws to Marijuana advertising as it does to alcohol, tobacco, and big pharma restrictions. The state has ruled that all forms of advertising and media in these industries cannot be directed to minors. If more than 30% of a target audience is expected to be underage, the ad is not allowed. This rule includes all television, digital, print, and broadcast media. That’s a lot of the advertising mediums brands use, so what marketing tools are left to use? Promotional products! Branded promotional products are the best, and one of the only, tools available for brands in the cannabis industry to promote their message.

Brand+Aid’s Top Cannabis Promo Products

Ready to lead connect your brand with consumers in the cannabis industry? Check out our selection of ur favorite curated cannabis promotional products below. For full product information, give our team a shout at, or 323-800-2241.


From Left to Right as shown: Adult Coloring Book, Mini Glass Apothecary Jar, Rolling Tray, Weed Keychain, Strain Tracking Journal, Marijuana Snapback, Custom Card Deck, Clipper Lighter. For full product information, contact: Brand+Aid via


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