How to Build the Best Political Merchandise Collection

Political promo can show up almost anywhere especially during campaigns and elections. Utilizing promo items when it comes to politics is not a new thing, but it is something that you want to make sure is just right as it can be a great benefit to your political brand.

In the article, The Essential Role of Promotional Products in Politics, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) shows how “investing millions in promotional products helped fuel the unexpected rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – and reinforced promo’s essential role in the race for our nation’s highest office” in 2016. Trump used approximately 9.8% of his total campaign spending ($3.3 million) on promo items, while Sanders used approximately 6% of his total campaign spending ($7.5 million), both of which spent much more than their competitors.

While there are other mediums to get your name and message out there, promotional items should not be overlooked when it comes to political branding. Whether you want something to give to your donors or something to hand out to your supporters there is a wide range of possible promo products that you can use to assist with your political branding.

When it comes to politics campaigning costs money which in turn leads to donors. No matter what you decide to give to your donors it will be a great benefit to you to show your appreciation to them for their continued support.

When it comes to your supporters you may find promo products to be a little generic due to the audience. Even with that lack of variety utilizing promo in the right way can still be great for your political branding. Here are some popular and familiar items that can both be given to supporters and help increase awareness of your political brand.

  • Yard Signs – Yard signs might be one of the most popular and familiar political promo products. They can be made in different sizes and placed almost anywhere. Yard signs are primarily used in local elections as the most important thing is getting your name out there.
  • Banners – Banners are another popular yet familiar promo item that is great for any political campaign. They are perfect for your name and campaign message. They are great to be utilized multiple times at rallies, conventions, or other large gatherings.
  • Pop-Up Canopy Tents – Whether you are running for a local, state or federal office having a personalized pop-up tent for your campaign can be great. It is perfect to set up at festivals, conventions or other gatherings.
  • Stickers – Stickers are something that will last long after the campaign and election are over. Stickers will be placed in a visible location and seen for a long time.
  • Buttons/Pins – Buttons and pins can be great to hand out at rallies, conventions, or other gatherings. A button or a pin is something that can easily go with whatever you are wearing. As your pins are proudly worn it will give you more visibility with potential voters.
  • Shirts/Hats – Shirts and hats are great merchandise pieces that can get your name and message out to a lot more people. You can customize your shirts and hats to say whatever you want. This gives you some more options for what you want people to remember about you.
  • Pens – Pens are a great go-to promo item in general and can be a great addition to your political campaign. A good quality pen will last and you can be sure that it will be used and seen.
  • Tote Bags – Tote bags are great reusable products that fans will take to the store with them. 
  • Water Bottles – Everyone loves a good water bottle. A good water bottle is something that everyone will find useful and will last. A great item to make sure that you are on the minds of those voting.
  • Magnets – Magnets are something that can be utilized to promote your name and message. They can also have calendars on them helping people remember important dates for the campaign or election.
  • Fans – These are great items to give away at rallies or other outdoor gatherings. This is the perfect item to help people stay cool at rallies while remembering your name.

While these promo items are not the most unique you can set yourself apart with what you put on them. Coming up with creative slogans, designs or sayings can set you apart from those you are running against. No matter the look you go for paying attention to the details can go a long way.

When it comes to politics don’t underestimate the power of a good promo item. Making the right choice when it comes to promo will keep voters thinking about you.

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