Go Green for Pantone’s Color of the Year

Each year Pantone, the world’s leading color experts, assigns a specific color to reflect on the current cultural climate and state of society. The selected color influences everything from design trends to fashion to… you guessed it, promotional products and marketing campaigns. The official color for 2017 is Greenery, specifically Pantone color number 15-0343. This particular shade of lush green-yellow represents a return to nature, to our roots, and to clarity in focus.

Quite contrary to last year’s unprecedented selection of two colors, rose quartz and serenity blue representing duality and contrast, this year’s color is a singular refreshing green designed to reflect the growing cultural desire to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with the community.

Using Greenery as our inspiration, we’re highlighting the best marketing campaigns around the trend and showing you the coolest greenery-inspired promotional products to incorporate in your next activation. Check it out!

Airbnb Designs Greenery-Themed Flat in London
The revolutionary travel giant Airbnb partnered with Pantone to create the first-ever Pantone Color of the Year immersive experience. The tech giant created a custom greenery-themed flat in the heart of London.  The flat, named the “outside in” house, featured a nature take over and served as a real-life tree house. Features included a woodland walkway, tent bedrooms, and lots of greenery-inspired decor.


How Can You Incorporate the Trend?
Now that you understand how impactful Pantone’s color of the year selection is, the question becomes how can marketers capitalize on the concept and incorporate greenery into marketing activations? It’s easy — just like any other trend, work to create and center your campaigns around the color and the cultural connections behind the color.  For example, check out these ideas:

Greenery through Community
Use the meaning behind the color as a connecting point with consumers by creating activations that celebrate community, engagement, and revitalization. For example, Google’s yearly Bay Area Impact Challenge works to find deserving non-profit organizations in the bay area to donate $5 million to each year.

To decide how the money is divvied up, the company asks locals around San Francisco to vote via electronic billboards placed throughout the city. This community engagement builds brand awareness for Google and helps increase engagement for community organizations. Incorporating greenery doesn’t just mean using the color, it’s also about capitalizing on the cultural phenomenon behind the color in upcoming activations.


Greenery through Health and Wellness
Consider incorporating greenery themed events like health and wellness. For example, a recent article by Event Marketer found that green, eco-themed events are no longer considered added value for consumers. Today, ‘green’ is expected from companies; green is the new norm.

Companies like Oracle are committing to not only committed to recycling, they’re also committed to reducing their carbon footprint, creating zero waste, and working to rebuild reforestation. Oracle incorporates these greenery-themed ideas in promotional events and in corporate policy.


Create your custom branded promotional products in Pantone 15-0343
Check out our favorite greenery promotional products and merchandise below. For more product information, connect with our team at 323-800-2241 or shoot us an email at happy@brandaiding.com.


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