Pantone Says: Ultra Violet

Every December, Pantone designates one color to reign as Color of the Year for the next 12 months. 2018’s chosen hue? Ultra Violet. A color that represents inventiveness, imagination, and the incomprehensible futures, galaxies, and possibilities that lay ahead and beyond. As Pantone points out, this deep shade of purple has always been associated with unconventional artistry, deeper meaning, and a need for individuality. Strikes a chord in today’s society, right? That’s because the color that is selected is meant to both inspire yearly trends and design while speaking to an existing societal truth – and in 2018, that truth is an individual expression and the limitless possibilities ahead.

So, what does all of this have to do with brands?

Well, just as the color inspires home decor, fashion, art, and design, the hue’s deeper meaning serves as a road map and well of inspiration for connecting with consumers for a number of the world’s leading brands. Just last year, Airbnb partnered with Pantone to create an immersive experience inspired by Greenery, the 2017 Color of the Year. The activation featured rooms filled with vibrant plants, woodland walkways, and a life-sized treehouse, all of which were meant to encourage guests to embrace the meaning behind the color and return to nature and find clarity.

And with a color like Ultra Violet, the branding opportunities are endless! So whether you’re creating galactic activations using VR or encouraging individuality at a Pride Parade, don’t forget to incorporate Pantone’s latest…and give out a few purple promos while you’re at it!


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