Promo Products for 2016 Presidential Election

When it comes to getting your name out there during campaign season, promo items are a great tool for any politician to use. When people use a product with your name on it, they will remember you, and if they remember you, your chance of having their vote goes up. Some promo items will have a greater use than others, though, so let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used and most effective promo products for political campaigns.

Some of the most typical promo items out there for politicians are yard signs. Yard signs are great for gaining recognition because they are visible and eye-catching for all types of passersby. Also, they can fit more information about a candidate. This product is especially relevant in terms of the upcoming election in Salt Lake City. Miles Petty, Nate Salazar, Derek Kitchen, Jen Colby, and Babs de Lay are running for Salt Lake City Council. Meanwhile, Dave Robinson, George Chapman, Luke Garrott, Ralph Becker, and Jackie Biskupski are running for Salt Lake City Mayor. Brand+Aid supports all candidates for this election; we understand that branding yourself is a huge challenge, and we are always here to help you out.

Some promo products can be more useful for specific situations during a campaign. For example, if you are hosting a campaign rally on a 90 degree summer day, branded water bottles, hand fans, sunscreen, or sunglasses will help keep people happy while getting your name out there and remembered too.

Brand+Aid_Political Water BottleBrand+Aid_Political_HandFan









Promotional items are a very important factor in getting your name out there in the political game. Whether it’s something small like a sticker or something a little bigger like a yard sign, the more people use these items, the more you will be remembered and considered as a candidate.


Other common promo items that are handed out to potential voters are pens. Pens are used so often, and they have a great design for name placement. If someone picks up a pen to write with a lot and sees a politician’s name on the pen every time, they’ll be much more likely to remember that politician. Buttons and stickers are another popular choice for campaign items. They can be easily worn and displayed during campaign season, and will help generate public interest toward that particular candidate. Magnets are also used often because of how useful they are for hanging things on your fridge and how much you will see a candidate’s name if you use them.



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