The Power of Branded Merchandise to Fuel your Brand’s Growth

Branded Merchandise (also known as Promotional Products) is the link between a brand and it’s consumers. Products do what digital cannot: physically sit with a customer, fan, and loyalist. They are considered as the most affordable forms of advertisement campaigns and they have a shelf life 100X of a commercial, billboard, Instagram post, or tweet. To prove this point, let’s look at a t-shirt. When someone wears a branded t-shirt to the grocery, on a morning run, or to your child’s soccer game, it’s telling a story. The story it’s telling is one of a brand they value, trust, and admire. And this, in turn, triggers a thought and an impression on that person’s community. There is no way to wear a digital advertisement. Absolutely no way. 

Your company has expertise and values that should be shared with your customers. Promotional products (or branded merchandise) is a tool like no other…that gets your message across with precision.

Below you will find some such exceptional benefits of implementing brand merchandise within your promotional campaigns.

Create Brand Loyalists 

Brand loyalty is the positive feelings towards a brand and a dedication to purchase the same product or service repeatedly, regardless of a competitor’s actions or changes in the environment. A major benefit of promotional products is that they assist in implementing brand loyalty among your customers. When you give people great branded products, you are engaging them in your message and your culture. You are connecting them to your organization for years to come.

Long Term Customer Relationship

Maintaining long term customer relationships is critical for the survival of every business. Promotional products aid in bridging long term relationships by engaging both your customers and your employees with products they’ll use for years to come. Gifts are thoughtful and they typically aren’t forgotten. Both Marketing and HR departments spend a lot of time coming up with the best solutions for their customers. The result of any thoughtful gift is one that can’t be replicated in any other way than a great experience.  

Show Your Brand’s Creativity 

Creative promotional products get shared…and shared…and shared. If you’re looking for stellar word-of-mouth marketing, you will find it in stellar branded merchandise. Simply slapping your logo on a product isn’t good enough anymore. Millennials and GenZ expect experience. By showing off your brand’s creativity via products is a sure bet for getting people on board with your brand. This is what we specialize in. There are thousands of products to tell your brand’s story. With the right message and thirst for creative branding, your customers and employees will thank you for your thought-provoking products for years to come. 

We mean it when we say that branded merchandise is a marketing medium like no other. That feeling one gets when walking into a stadium full of like-minded fans sporting the same color can’t be replicated on a digital platform. Quality branded merchandise will fuel your brand’s growth for years to come and open doors that you wouldn’t be able to open on your own. 

At Brand Aid, our customers mean everything to us. Brand Aid is a full-service merchandise and agency delivering best-in-class products for brands of all shapes and sizes. Brand Aid also offers comprehensive e-commerce services and solutions for branded online stores including store build, sourcing, and management as well as marketing and optimization. Feel free to reach out to us for a brand consultation at or at 323-800-2241. 

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