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Branded promotional products are an incredibly effective way for businesses to connect with target markets. In addition to curating the best (and coolest!) products in the industry, our team at Brand+Aid works with top packaging experts to offer clients retail-quality promotions. Creating high quality premiums from concept to packaging increases the overall value and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

One of our favorite partners is OrigAudio. They create innovative tech products and smartly designed premium packaging. President Jason Lucash shared why packaging is so important and how it can boost the end-user experience. “Packaging is a science, a story, and most important: a first impression with a customer. If you wow the person holding your product with the box right off the bat, you’ve won them over immediately. It’s so important to have your packaging reflect your brand and tell your product story from the outside, and set the precedent for what the customer is about to experience from that point forward.”

Today, we dive into all things packaging; from using packaging to tell brand stories to creating new ways to stand out, we’re sharing tips on how the power of packaging can transform the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Check it out!
1. Create cohesively branded products. At Brand+Aid, our team works extensively with companies to brand the coolest products in the best ways possible. We often notice marketers focus primarily on the products, only to opt for packaging options last minute. The last minute selections are often low-quality, subpar packaging due to budgetary and time constraints. These packaging choices don’t match the campaign or the carefully curated promo items. Imagine creating a kickass branded speaker for a tech conference and then handing it out to attendees in a…(wait for it)…cheap, plastic bag. Whomp, whomp. No matter how cool the product is, you’ve just cheapened it with the packaging. Instead, consider the entire promotional project; from concept to the end packaging and consumer presentation. Doing this will create a cohesive and more effective brand experience.

2. It’s all in the details. Listen, there are a lot of companies competing for consumer attention. Chances are your product or service offerings are very similar to your competitions. So, how do you stand out and why should consumers choose to do business with you over some other company? It’s all in the details. The difference between the greatest brands – Apple, Disney, Coca-Cola, etc. – and their competition is primarily in the branding, including the way the company packages products. You don’t see Apple creating Macbooks and then sticking them in janky packaging. Quite the opposite, Apple’s packaging is carefully curated to have a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing design. You can guarantee their promotional products follow suit. Take a cue from the big guys and pay attention to the details, like packaging, for your promo items.

3. Custom packaging means more space to connect with consumers. Custom brand packaging means more space to get your message across to consumers. Promotional products often have limited imprint areas. You might be limited to branding just your logo on smaller items like on USB drives or on pens. On larger items, like tote bags and notebooks, there are larger imprint areas. None of these, however, compare with the branding capabilities of using custom packaging. With packaging you get the entire package space to design. Often that means adding inches to branding space not previously available. Product packaging means you have a fully customizable, blank canvas to get your message across. Additionally, most packaging allows full-color process and/or sublimation printing options. That’s a huge advantage! Your graphic design team will love you, trust us.

4. Functionality is key. Besides the design elements, product packaging does serve a functional purpose. You know, to protect the products! It’s important promotional products reach consumers in their best form. You don’t want to hand out broken or damaged items that represent your brand. What sort of message would that send to consumers? If you plan to transport your products to several locations or store your products over a long period of time, we highly recommend adding branded packaging to your project.

5. Increase perceived value and increase brand impressions. Product packaging increases the perceived value of the promotional item and, therefore, increases the likelihood the item is kept and used. Consider the last time you got a promo item. If it was given to you in flimsy plastic, you probably considered it a low-quality item and maybe used it a few times before tossing it. Alternately, if you’re given a promotional product in nice, high-quality packaging, you likely perceive the value of the item to be higher and thus keep it and use it longer. And, that’s the goal of promotional products, right? To create something useful and special so consumers keep and use the product for a long period of time and generate more brand impressions. Product packaging is so important!


Have questions? We’re happy to help. Contact the Brand+Aid team to get started on your custom branded packaging and promotional product project.
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