The Ultimate Guide For Corporate Holiday Gifting 2022

Corporate giving is an excellent method to strengthen client relationships, persuade prospects to become customers, and motivate and inspire your team of employees. Before you start giving business presents to everyone you know, there are a few things you should think about. We have complied this guide to make planning ahead for the crazniess of the Holidays as smooth as can be. Begin with developing a strategy for the 2022 holiday season with the assistance of Brand+Aid.

1. Budget

Set a budget for each recipient. Please keep in mind that custom packaging, shipping, and fulfillment might account for up to 30% of total expenses. A precise budget makes the project run more smoothly and efficiently.

2. Clientele

Complete your recipient list. Narrowing down the precise number of receivers early in the process allows us to regulate product quality and create a more realistic timeframe for turn-around. 

3. Schedule

Decide when you want the hard in hands date to be. A well-structured and well-planned timeline will make the entire process go more smoothly since all parties will have a defined goal and time frame to get your presents into the people’s hands as soon as possible.

4. Theme

A theme helps creates a unique gifting experience. Face it, who doesn’t love a good theme? Themes can be anything, from festive to relaxation, tech focused to cooking, themes tie gifts together. Creating a theme for gifts is a great way to connected to your clients and make a lastly impression.

5. Artwork

It is critical to have vector artwork or high resolution images ready to go early on. To expedite the decorating stage of the process, ensure that you have all of the necessary design elements ready to go to make your final produt the best it can be.

6. Products

It is now time to finalize the product lists and decorating methods. Our sales crew is well-versed in the greatest quality items at the best prices. For every gifting idea, there is something that can be decorated. They will collaborate with you to create a fun and cohesive collection of items to send out.

7. Packaging

Keep in mind sizing and layout of the chosen products. Once you’ve narrowed down you product selections, we will find the perfect box, tissue, ribbon, crinkle-paper, and hand-signed cards to fit inside.​

8. Fulfillment

Now you’ll decide if you want us to handle fulfillment or a 3rd party. We can handle your packaging fulfillment and have every gift ready to ship here at Brand+Aid. We keep the process as simple as possible so that your products arrive on schedule.

9. Shipping

Consider delivery costs and timelines. To guarantee excellent relationships with the people receiving your products, we handle the whole supply chain up to the delivery point. We can handle and manage whatever work you throw at us; it’s what we do best. We give tracking information so that your team can feel assured that your shipments will arrive on time to your clients and employees.

10. Delivered

Done! Time to party and celebrate! You’ve given us everything we need to deliver the results you expect. Sit back and relax while your recipients enjoy their gifted experience. Maybe even send one to yourself? You did the hard work, you deserve it.

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