Top 10 Most Inspiring Ads of the Year

Last week wrapped up the epic Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, an awards show featuring the best, brightest, and most inspiring ads created by the advertising community in the past year. The festival praises creativity as one of the driving forces between business in inspiring change and good in the world. As branders ourselves, this festival is the creme de la creme; it’s the Grammy or Emmy of the marketing world (hence our obvious geek-out.) Mark our words, we’ll attend the festival one day!!

To celebrate the incredible achievements in creativity and advertising this year, we’ve brainstormed and come up with Brand+Aid’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Ads of the Year from the Cannes Lions Festival. Check out our top campaigns below!

Brand+Aid’s Top 10 Most Inspiring Ads of the Year
Our teams top pick’s from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity



1. Google’s Virtual Reality Reader
The tech giant is once again creating a revolution. Their new cardboard virtual readers allow users to see things in 3D, using just cardboard, a few simple materials, and an eye phone to create personalized VR readers. The glasses are being hailed as revolutionary because of their economical and simple materials; allowing most everyone to have access to the readers. It’s also creating a new platform for app developers to bring 3D vision to the user experience.



2. Under Armour – I WILL WHAT I WANT
The campaign from Under Armour features world-famous super model Gisele Bundchen (literally) fighting off negative comments and trolls found in social media. The campaign is incredibly inspiring and tackles the growing issue of cyper-bullying. The ad was created by powerhouse agency, Droga5. Check it out here.

3. Domino’s Pizza – Emoji Ordering
Domino’s revolutionized ordering with it’s new ’emoji’ ordering campaign. Created and hyped all over the media, Domino’s campaign is making dreams come true for teenagers all around the world. Check it out here.

4. Geico Insurance Agency – Family’s Unskippable Dinner
Geico released a series of innovative pre-roll ads that highlighted the message in the first 5 seconds, before the skip button appears. The Martin Agency and Park Pictures were responsible for the work. Check it out here.

5. John Lewis – Christmas
This short film was created for retailer John Lewis for the holiday season. It’s meaningful approach to the child-animal relationship really captures the holiday spirit! Check it out here.

6. Always – Intimate Words
Always created a campaign to help provide pads for women in third world countries. Often times a women are isolated and shamed during their periods, so Always is making a huge impact with this campaign. Check it out here.

7. This Girl Can
One of our favorite campaign of the year – This Girl Can – it follows women on their daily fitness routine as they break barriers on the definition of beautiful. Check it out here

8. Volvo – Life Paint
For Volvo, Grey London created a reflective spray that shines in the glare of car headlights at night. Check it out here.

9. The Lucky Iron Fish Product
Geometry Global created a no-tech, simple product to help the people of Cambodia prevent iron deficiency. The fish-shaped piece of iron, which symbolized hope and good luck in the community, is cooked in the person’s meal for 10 minutes and can contribute 75% of a person’s daily required iron intake. Results from the campaign showed that there was a 55% reduction in iron deficiency in the market within nine months. Check it out here.

10. Never Stop Riding
The city of Buenos Aires created this mesmerizing campaign to promote city bicycles in Argentina!


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