Top Events for Q2 2016

Are you ready for Q2 events in?! Believe it or not, we’re already entering the second quarter of 201donald-trump-hair-photos-mystery-transplant-combover_2014-09-14_21-59-27-573x4306! This year is whooshing by faster than Donald Trump’s hair in a wind storm (shazooooom went the combover).

As we’re getting ready to prep for the coming months, we’ve compiled a list of the top of events to check out in 2016. If you’re a marketer or an agency looking to connect with mainstream client bases, these events are must-attend and/or must market around in the coming months. While you’re checking out the upcoming events for Q2, give Brand+Aid a call and let us help you create really cool branded merch to make sure your brand stands out:, (323) 800-2241.


When: April 12-13, 2016
Where: San Francisco, CA
Why: While not a conventional “marketing” event, Facebook is the world’s largest mobile media company, a platform whose technology roadmap and priorities have major implications for how advertisers will communicate with the rising global middle class.
How to participate: Visit the F8 website


When: May 18-20, 2016
Where: Mountain View, CA
Why: Another of the world’s most ambitious and innovative technology companies, the 2016 run of show for Google’s flagship conference will highlight some of the brand’s brightest and newest thinking on topics ranging from mobile operating systems and intelligent search to connected homes and self-driving cars. Like Facebook’s F8, Google I/O’s programming also trends technical, but nonetheless rewards careful listeners and thoughtful forecasters. Yet another great crowd to book meetings with.
How to participate: Stay tuned, tickets haven’t gone on sale yet. Not a bad idea to followSundar Pichai on Twitter either.


When: Various times from NOW until the end of MAY
Why: High schools, colleges, and university’s across the United States are going on Spring Break in the coming months. This means hundreds and thousands of millennials will be hitting beach cities and other vacation spots to party it up. It’s a great opportunity to connect with this young demographic in terms of experiential activations and other marketing techniques.
How to participate: Hit up events happening in Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas.

2016 MASTER’S (Golf)
When: April 4-April 10, 2016
Where: Augusta, Georgia
Why: Connecting with an older demographic? The Master’s is a great opportunity to reach this unique market!
How to participate: Cannes Lions website

 May 8, 2016 and June 19, 2016
Why: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are great days to connect with your client base. These holidays are full of love and all the warm fuzzies. Take advantage of the positive energy and use the time to create meaningful connections with your clients. Remember the most memorable brands are the companies that connect consumers with positive experiences, and one of the best ways to do this is through promotional items.
How to participate: Celebrate yo’ mama and papa!

Brand+Aid_MothersDay_2016MEMORIAL DAY
When: MAY 30
Why: Memorial Day celebrates the many men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. It’s a great opportunity to show your patriotism and publicly support the military.
How to participate: Get involved in a Memorial Day event!


When: June 18-25
Where: Cannes, France
Why: Just because the scene on the patio of the Carlton Hotel can sometimes feel like the movie Caligula being re-enacted with rosé, doesn’t mean Cannes isn’t a serious conference for strategic meetings, big keynotes, and bold commentary about the future of advertising. Similar to SXSW, the vibe sparkles, and Europe’s advertising elite aren’t just out in force — they’re downright approachable. Just expect most of your the best conversations will take place between sundown and sunrise, not at the event itself.
How to participate: Cannes Lions website


Taking a look forward to Q3 and Q4, keep these events in mind for the future:

  • US Open of Surfing (July)
  • 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (August)
  • 2016 US Open Tennis Tournament (August)
  • Advertising Week (September)
  • United States Presidential Elections – November Party Nominations (November)

Ready to create your own branded merchandise? Contact the Brand+Aid team for a free virtual mockup with your company’s name on it:, (323) 800-2241.

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