Brand Aid’s Ultimate Guide to Business Gifting

Business gifting can be a daunting task. Thinking of the perfect gift takes a lot of thought and planning, yet is extremely beneficial. The primary purpose of business gifting is to keep you top of mind and show clients you care. Showing them that they are more than just revenue for your business goes a long way.
According to a study done by the Advertising Specialties Association on corporate gifting, the facts shows the importance of business gifting and the factors that go into have a great gift.
  • The main goal of giving gifts to customers/prospects is to express appreciation (86%) and for relationship development (69%).
  • Companies report they will spend an average of $43 per customer/prospect on gifts.
  • The most popular gifts for customers/prospects are food & beverages (53%), followed by desk accessories (35%), writing instruments (31%) and calendars (28%).
  • 62% of companies are planning on giving gifts to employees and/or clients and prospects.
  • On average, 68% of gifts that are given out will have the company’s logo on them.
  • Attractiveness, durability and utility are all important factors when end-buyers are deciding which promotional products to purchase.
Here are some things for you to consider when planning your gifting this year:
Who is the recipient?
It’s critical when planning your business gifting strategy to know WHO it is you’re gifting to. Do your clients fall into the executive category? Or would you consider them mid-level purchasers? Are they mostly men? Mostly women?  How old are they? These demographics will lead you to making the perfect gifting purchase. The most personal gifts always win. Make sure to include a handwritten note instead of a printed card. Those types of details go a long way.
Why are we gifting again?
Business gifting doesn’t have to only happen during the holiday season. Some of the most effective gifts are sent out during slow seasons when your customer least expects it. Have you considered sending out a mother’s day and father’s day gift to your clients? Has your client recently won an award? The why behind your gift can influence what it is and when you send it.
Wait, so when should I send the gift?
When you have a why behind your gift the when will fall into place with it. The important thing to remember with business gifting is to send out a gift whenever the idea crosses your mind. For example, we keep themed gifts stockpiled and send them out to our customers throughout the year. You never know when a client is going to have a baby, get a promotion, changing companies, etc. Simply put, there is no wrong time to send a gift.
Keep in mind, when sending holiday gifts, you’ll want to stay ahead of the pack and ship your gifts out weeks in advance. You don’t want your gift to show up with someone else’s, right? For example, if you’re planning on gifting this holiday season, you’ll want your packages to arrive the first or second week in December. Which means you’ll want to start ordering no later than the middle of October.
Set Calendar Reminders
Make sure to set calendar reminders for your client’s birthdays and other holidays. When you surprise your client with a tin of cookies on their birthday, they’ll never forget about you.
Get the logistics right
Making sure your gift arrives on-time or ahead of time is priority number one. If a gift is intended to be received on a client’s birthday, it won’t have the same impact if it shows up even one day after their birthday. Plan ahead and make sure that you have plenty of time for the production and the shipping of the gift. Here are a few tips:
  • Production – Production time for products varies by type and quantity. It’s best to earmark 10 business days from proof approval to shipment of product.
  • Shipping – Shipping times vary from state to state. Ground shipping from California to New York takes 5 business days. Expediting shipping is costly and can really add up. UPS has an easy tool to help you determine how long something will take to get to another state:
What to gift, and what not to gift: that is the question…
Make sure that whatever you send it is memorable and not generic. However, this doesn’t equate to being expensive. You can make a gift memorable by incorporating a marketing message with it. For example, you could send a set of garden tools in April with the message, “we’re excited to grow with you this season.” Be sure to include a handwritten note with whatever you send. Your client will appreciate the useful gift, the clever message, and the personalized touch.
Who to consider sending gifts to?
While clients tend to be a top priority for business gifting, you won’t want to leave out the core of your business: employees! Gifting to employees not only shows you care but it also boosts morale. We promise they’ll thank you for it. It’s also important to include gifting to business associates – accountants, lawyers, delivery drivers, and anyone else who makes your business go round. Most likely, they’ll never expect it and they’ll cherish you for thinking of them.
Okay, now it’s time for some ideas.
Simply say “Thank You”
There is a wide range of reasons to say ‘thank you’. Here are a few to get ideas flowing for client and employee gifting:
  • Thank you for the great order.
  • Thank you for your extended years of business.
  • Thank you for going above and beyond with this project.
  • Thank you for your years of service.
  • Thank you for joining our company.
Say “Congrats!”
Celebrate the milestones in your client’s and employees’ lives. ‘Congratulations’ gifts are typically unexpected and will surely wow your gift recipient. Here are a few ideas on what to say ‘congrats’ to:
  • New Baby
  • New Job
  • New Home
  • Job Promotion
  • Business Expansion
Holidays vs. Seasons
Oh, Holidays. You can’t avoid them. Our advice? Gift smaller seasonal gifts throughout the year to take some of the burdens off of holiday gifting. Here are a few ideas:
  • Winter (New Years & Valentine’s Day): blanket, socks, beanies, scarves, candles, candy, jackets.
  • Spring (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day): garden tools, tote bags, toolsets, water bottles, essential oils.
  • Summer (Fourth of July, Back to School, Labor Day): camping chairs, picnic baskets, beach balls, pool accessories, towels.
  • Fall (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa): luggage, headphones, watches, playing cards, notebook/journal.
What about a gift to say “I’m Sorry”?
We all make mistakes, right? Sending a gift is a great way to own up to a mistake. For example, send a seed paper card that says “thank you for your patience as we grow”. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll forgive you.
Gifting is a very important and powerful resource for your business. Make sure to follow these tips for an easy gifting season.
The experts at Brand Aid experts are here to make sure that the business gifting process is simple and easy for you! Contact us today to set-up a gifting consultation and we’ll do all the heavy lifting: call us at (323) 800-2241 or email
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