The Ultimate Pool Party

Get Summer Ready with Brand+Aid’s Top Merch for Hot Temps!


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Memorial Day weekend is THIS weekend! While the first day of Summer is isn’t actually until June 20th, this weekend unofficially kicks off all things summer-related. In today’s article we’re celebrating the return of scorching hot temps, long nights, and frozen beverages by way of the Ultimate Pool Party!

(Editor’s note: we get that you’re most likely reading this on your computer at work but a team can dream, right?)

So, what is Brand+Aid’s Ultimate Pool Party? It’s a celebration of all the coolest new merch you’ll need for upcoming summer marketing and promotional event activations. We’ve compiled our favorite products into three kits that help you reach consumers through products that are 1. Useful, 2. Unique, and 3. Fun. Check ‘em out!

The Sunbathing Kit

Goal: Merch to stay cool & be useful.

It’s summer and that means it’s gonna get HOT. Help your customers stay cool this summer by providing useful summer merchandise items. Studies show consumers are more likely to use a promo product and engage with the associated brand when it’s useful. In fact, the 2016 ASI Impressions Survey found that “usefulness” is the number one reason why consumers engage with promotional products.

Check out Brand+Aid’s “Sunbathing Kit” below featuring all the useful summer promo gear consumers need:

Sunbathing Kit:

  • Sunglasses
  • Fans
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Water bottles
  • Umbrellas
  • Light drawstring backpacks

The Cannonball Kit

Goal: Attention-grabbing merch customers will love.

The goal of many of our client’s promotional marketing, whether they be marketing executives at large brands/ advertising agencies or small business owners, is to grab consumers attention. By creating carefully branded campaigns with attention-grabbing (i.e. interesting, unique, and cool promotional items), consumers will want to engage with our brands.

In our Cannonball Kit, we’ve included all of the coolest summer merch to grab consumers attention — just like a cannonball from the high dive!

Cannonball Kit:

  • Slap-it bracelets with bottle cap openers
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Color-changing drinkware
  • Floating drink koozies
  • Inflatable bars
  • Inflatable food tubes (unicorn, pizza, etc)
  • Sublimated totes
  • Foldable chairs
  • Huge sublimated beach towels

The Pool Games Kit

Goal: Merch to align your brand with fun experiences.

Summer is all about having fun – your promotional merchandise should be too! There’s a ton of summer promo items that are designed to help your consumers have the best summer possible. The Brand+Aid team is here to make sure you use the right products to connect your brand with summer fun.

In the Pool Games kit, we’ve curated fun, interactive promo merchandises that’s all about having fun. Check it out:

Pool Games Kit:

  • Beach balls
  • Frisbees
  • Promo flip flops
  • BBQ kits
  • Fidget spinners
  • Foldable chairs
  • Picnic items
  • Cards
  • Coloring/art kits
  • Nail polish/nail art


Ready to start your new project?

Let’s start your project! We love helping brands create the coolest and most innovative event merchandise, like summer promo merch, on the market. We focus on finding the best quality products in your price range, offer creative branding capabilities, and handle everything from ideation to delivery. With Brand+Aid you know you’re always using the best of the best premiums for your brand. Contact the Brand+Aid team to schedule a free consultation. Give us a ring at 323-800-2241 or shoot us an email at

Brand+Aid is a promotional marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah and Los Angeles, California. We turn ideas into tangible, fun experiences through experiential advertising. Have an idea you’d like to make happen? Contact our rescue team for a free consultation today at 323-800-2241 or shoot us an email at For more information, check out our website:

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