What You Need to Know About Promo Inventory & Logistics

Brand+Aid has a solid reputation for providing assistance with the administration of their promotional products and corporate branded merchandise. We exist for one reason: to endear people to your brand. With that being said, we handle the whole supply chain, from the origin facility to the delivery point to ensure good relations with those receiving your products. You can rely on us to handle and manage any job you throw our way, its what we do best. 2020 and 2021 have been a crazy couple of years for the promo world with Covid-19 still having an impact, but we are familiar with the effects of supply chain upheaval on the industry and are here to be your guide through all the craziness!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could manage all of your merchandise supply from a single, central system? Where you and your teammates could pull from it as needed? Brand+Aid can make that a reality. We understand that not everyone has the time or the capacity to keep and handle their branded products. When you have several products that need to be sent to different places at different times, it may be a bit of a logistical headache. This is where our professional expertise comes in handy.

Promotional clients used to hate the term “inventory,” preferring to order everything on demand. However, circumstances have changed, and inventory is making a real comeback in the promo world. Knowing why inventory is in such great demand may help you toward wiser solutions and sell products more easily, quickly, and successfully.

Below, we’ve broken down how our inventory and logistics systems work. If you have any questions, please reach out to happy@brandaiding.com!

  • Warehousing & Fulfillment

    Pick it. Click it. Ship it. Brand+Aid provides customers with fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution services that are best suited to your brand's needs. For your drop shipment demands, we provide the most comprehensive web-based services. From design through delivery, we keep things easy so that your items arrive on time and ahead of schedule.

  • Kitting & Distribution

    We assist companies in connecting with influencers, employees, and clients by curating lifestyle product collections that go beyond typical consumer packaged goods. What begins as an idea evolves into a powerful and personalized advertising experience that reaches people all over the world. Need giveaway packages boxed up and sent out, or looking for some customization in your packaging? We can provide all of this, as well as delivery to international locations.

  • Merchandise Webstores

    With customized online stores, online pop-up shops, logo design, product licensing, and more, our 360° merchandising model provides companies all over the world with a hands-free solution to their product purchase and distribution needs. Online stores are created to look and feel just like your brand. We provide a wide range of options for your corporate store requirements. Our web stores perform best when paired with our warehousing and logistics services for optimal results.

  • Logistics

    We save our clients money on hidden soft expenses like management and logistical coordination. Our Brand+Aid team has sent products all over the world with fantastic results. We will ship your items or promotional products, together with educational material, to your entire client or potential customer mailing list. We provide dependable fulfillment whether you need to send out new employee welcome kits, trade show items, Holiday gifts, influencer kits, or any other type of merchandise.

Still have questions? Let us help! Shoot us an email at happy@brandaiding.com

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