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Millennials are the next big thing. Whether you’re happy about that or not, it’s time to realize that according to the US Government the Millennial generation, roughly aged 20-35 and born between the years 1980 and 2000, comprise the largest age demographic in society today. Millennials now outnumber the baby boomers by a long shot and just surpassed Generation X; making the demographic a hugely desirable market for companies to target. By 2020, the highly-educated and most diverse group in the history of the world, will have a spending power of nearly $1.4 trillion. They are the generation that is shaping the future, and you need to connect with them. We’ll show you how.

What defines the Millennial Shopper? An infographic by Carlos Monteiro provides useful information about the usefulness of this generation, and why they’re so important to companies. For example, millennials have a willingness to engage with and share content that is unique to their generation. They also have access to all kinds of devices, and use these devices very often to connect to news and watch videos. Check out the demographics on the Millennial shopper below:


Millennials are also the generation that relates to brands the most. If a brand really appeals to millennials, they will show extreme loyalty towards it. Millennials are more willing than their Generation X or Baby Boomer counterparts to hold strong brand loyalty and interaction. Millennials are also more engaged with brands. From tweeting, snap chatting, messaging, and following categorical hashtags, the relationship Millennials builds with brands is deeper and more meaningful.

Another important feature of the Millennial buyer is two different lists of millennials’ top 10 favorite brands. While the two groups differ somewhat, both of them feature brands focused on technology and/or shopping, which tells a lot about what Millennials likes to spend their money on. Another common trait of a lot of the brands listed is that they often do very interactive and immersive advertising, such as Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” ad campaign.


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