Twitter invests in Muzik to take over headphone industry

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Musik headphones

Twitter has announced it is investing in a sleek, new high-end headphone startup called Muzik. This company has developed a headphone that connects to your phone through bluetooth and rivals competitors such as Apple’s Beats. Rather than simply providing the illusion of a quality product, like the infamous reputation of Beats by Dre, these cool new headphones are durable, flexible, and give the user the ability to control music listening with buttons right on the outside of the device. Muzik has raised $18 million over the last couple of years, with Twitter being one of the investors. It’s notable to mention that this is the first hardware Twitter has ever invested in. Interesting, right? Along with the headphones comes an app that allows for posting ‘moments’ on social media in conjunction with the song that you are listening to at that time.

IMG_3063              Coming soon.

The headphone is called the Convertible due to its ability to fold and bend into a a compact carrying shape. VentureBeat reported that the Convertible will cost $299 and is expected to ship in May. Muzik will have an in-ear model, called the Sport, available later this year for $199. While considerably smaller, the Sport earbuds will feature similar gesture functionality and Twitter/social integrations. This model also integrates with HealthKit, automatically detecting heart rate and oxygen consumption.

Hats off to Twitter for investing in such an innovative company! Twitter has been looking for a way to get a hold of the music world and this may just be the smart move that it has needed to get their foot in the door. The Brand+Aid team had the awesome opportunity to make lanyards and custom USB drives for them.

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